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  • Jeff the Tutor

    Purdue University, Strayer University, Apila, Colorado State University, Ivy Tech, Harvard Business School, University of Phoenix, Capella University, Walden University, UALR University and many more.Here are the list of some courses successfully done by our expert team in past sessions: ECON251, ENG220, ENG420, ENG435, IET355, COM102, OLS331, OLS375, OLS376, OLS384, MGMT380, MGMT324, ACCT3332, BUS306, ENG111, ENGL112, ENG203, ITS120, ITS110, BUS205, ECON211, MGMT3340, MGMT3320 Science,Chemistry,Physics,Biology,History,Anthropology,Philosophy,Political Science,Psychology,Sociology,, Education and Qualification*:


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