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TITLE: Accounting Question

CLASS / COURSE: Accounting


Boeing has airplanes that have never been flown but are several years old. How does it account for these planes? If you are the auditor, what concerns might you have regarding the inventory?
Prepare the report as follows:
• The written paper should be five to seven pages, double spaced in 12 point font.
• Look in the codification or at other publications such as SFAS, EITF to find relative information.
• State the research question (topic selection and definition).
• Describe how your search was conducted to determine the answer to the question. Include words used for word search and the steps taken to narrow the search. (important)
• Describe authoritative literature addressing the research question. Include both reference to the literature and how it relates to the question. Discuss major issues presented by the authoritative body in determining suggested treatment.
• Draw your conclusion.
• Use proper grammar, spelling and citations.
• Pay attention to the overall quality of your report.

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