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TITLE: President Barak Obama’s Foreign Policies and International Relations

CLASS / COURSE: International Relations


International Relations


Assignment Details:

I want to write an essay around 4000 words in length by using academic books and some of academic website and using academic style and Harvard reference style for this.

Choose a particular event or phenomena in global politics and discuss the resources which are provided for understanding, explaining and interpreting this event or phenomena by any three of the theoretical traditions of international relation.

The international political event taken for this project is Obama’s presidency and its impact on International events and relations and three theoretical traditions of international relations taken are Realism, Liberalism and Post-colonialism. You have to critically argue and analyze Obama’s Presidency in context of these three theories Realism, Liberalism and Post-colonialism and also talk about (argue and analyze) Obama’s foreign policies and international relations with Lybia, Syria, China and other countries using Realism, Liberalism and Post-colonialism theories.


Some of the key points to remember:

1 - Argument and analysis (structure and clarity of essay) which is rigorously argued which is very high standard of critical analysis and logical structure. The essay forms one cohesive argument from the beginning to the end.

2 - Content of essay and understanding of issues which is penetrating and novel discussion or resolution of problems and arguments which are clear evidence of creative and independent thought.
3 - Conclusion which is arguments are drawn together with panache.

4 – Bibliography and References (extent of research) which is extensive research going well beyond the stander range of scholarly sources. Referencing (use the sources throughout the essay) which is excellent illustrations, examples and supporting evidence. Lots of references (at least 20 academic and valuable references)

5- Language style, syntax, spelling and grammar are lucidly expressed

6- Length is very close to specified limits

7 - The essay should be not copying. No plagiarism.

8- The text reference should be with the page number if it is from books.

9 - It has to be in the time.

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