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TITLE: Assignment 1: Home Depot case

CLASS / COURSE: Talent Management


Assignment #1 – Chap 17 (Silzer) They Can Do It! You can help! A look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot.

Student will prepare a 3-4 page response to the following: 

1. Discuss how the leadership at Home Depot intended to use its organizational talent to gain a competitive advantage in the Do It Yourself industry.

2. Discuss the key channels that Home Depot developed for recruiting talent.

3. Discuss the critical programs used by Home Depot to keep talent in their pipeline.

4. Discuss three lessons learned by Home Depot related to talent management.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Home Depot’s has been conducting the business operations effectively and efficiently and has succeeded in......

1. Human Resource
2. Organizational Behavior

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