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TITLE: Assignment 1: Introduction to Software Engineering



1. [5 marks] Software Project Failure
Find an example of a signi cant software project failure. (Hint: use a Google search
with something like \software project failure".) Assume \signi cant" means greater than
$30 million US/Australian dollars or equivalent.
(a) [3 marks] In your own words, describe the project and its failure circumstances. The
description should be at least 200 words but no greater than 500 words.
Cite your sources of information (At least one web URL or book/journal citation is
(b) [2 marks] What do you think are the (2) major reasons why the project failed?
(Write one sentence or short paragraph for each.)
2. [5 marks] The Waterfall model
Answer the following parts in your own words, i.e. do not copy or quote, but paraphrase.
(a) [1 mark] Describe in your own words each phase of the waterfall model in about two
to four sentences.
(b) [2 marks] Consider a scenario where the requirements were thought to have been
nalised but during the design phase it became clear that part of the requirements
were wrong.
Dealing with this situation would be quite dicult if the project was being imple-
mented using the waterfall model as depicted in Figure 2.1 of the Sommerville text.
i. [1 mark] What is the problem with the waterfall model de nition in Figure 2.1?
ii. [1 mark] What changes need to be made to that diagram in order to enable a
sensible course of action in our scenario?
(c) [1 mark] Explain the advantages of the waterfall method in three to ve sentences.
Give at least one example where the waterfall model is appropriate.
(d) [1 mark] Summarise the advantages of incremental delivery in about 3 to 5 sen-
tences of your own words. Give at least one example where the waterfall model is
3. [10 marks] Project Scheduling
A project requires the tasks shown in the table below to be completed. The duration
column shows the number of weeks estimated for one person to complete the task.
Task Duration Depends on
T1 1
T2 3
T3 5
T4 3 T1
T5 2 T1
T6 2 T1,T3
T7 1 T2,T3
T8 3 T4,T5,T6
T9 3 T5,T7
T10 2 T7
T11 2 T8
T12 3 T8,T9
T13 2 T10
Answer the following questions. Do not use a software project management tool such as
Microsoft Project to assist in either drawing the diagrams or in computing solutions.
Diagrams may be produced in a number of ways, as long as the result is a PDF le for
submission. It is acceptable to submit a scanned copy of a neatly drawn paper diagram.
The activity diagram could be produced using a drawing program while the bar chart is
probably easier to create using a spreadsheet application. For instance you could
 use a spreadsheet as a graphical display where columns indicate weeks use one row
per task; multiple horizontal cells represent tasks (with appropriate use of cell merge,
borders, background colour)
 use the bar charting capability of a spreadsheet program2.
(a) [1 mark] Draw an activity network. Show a Start and Finish \activity" (These are
zero length pseudo-activities).
(b) Assume one person works on each task. (That is: use the durations in the task list
table.) Answer the following questions:
i. [2 marks] Draw a bar chart (Gantt chart), showing the earliest start and nish
times for each task.
ii. [1 mark] List or otherwise indicate the tasks on the critical path, and compute
its length.
iii. [2 marks] For each non-critical task, how many weeks may its start be delayed
without a ecting the nish time of the project.
2 An example of how to do this appears at
(c) [2 marks] Assume 4 engineers, Bill, Sue, Mary and Frank, work on the project and
that each task is worked on by one engineer only. Allocate tasks to them to complete
the project in the shortest possible time. Show this graphically on a sta allocation
The sum of task durations is 32 weeks which when divided by 4 engineers gives a
value of 8 weeks, which one might expect to be the minimum time to complete the
project. Explain why it is not possible to complete the project in 8 weeks.
(d) [2 marks] Now consider a di erent way of assigning work to the project. Assume
that the same 4 engineers as before but that tasks of length 2 weeks or more can be
worked upon by either one or two engineers. If two engineers work in a task their
individual e ort must add to the listed total duration, but each must do at least one
week of work.
Allocate tasks to complete the project as soon as possible. Show this graphically on
a sta allocation chart.

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