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TITLE: Assignment 1 of OLS30000 / Safety Class




This tutorial has Assignment 1 of course OLS30000 Safety and Health for Engineering Technologies / Safety Class / Summer 2017 of Purdue University and  includes Assignment 1.


Purdue University Calumet

College of Technology

Department of Construction Science and Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS)


OLS 30000: Safety and Health in Engineering Technologies


Assignment 1 - Introduction

This assignment has two parts: Part 1: Your responses, Part 2: One page report.

Missing ANY component will lead to “0” point for an entire assignment. Therefore, please read instructions carefully.


TASK:Each student will need to walk around his/her working facility/establishment and: 1) Identify at least 6 hazards, 2) explain what’s wrong,and 3)discuss what could go wrong/happen. When you discuss item 3, think in terms of negative effect towards employees (human), property, and environment. (If you currently don't work, visit a facility/establishment where you could revisit. You observation must be where people work and NOT a place of residence such as a house or an apartment.)


Each student must provide constructive responses using a paragraph format like:

After taking a tour at XXXXXXX warehouse, ten safety and health issues were observed. First, there was a gap between two belt conveyors. This could pose a hazard as a worker’s hand/fingers could get caught in between. Since workers are working closely to these areas, those workers were exposed to high risk. Secondly, I found broken fence at the North West side entrance of the XXXXXXX property. A person’s arm could get caught by the broken piece of the metal fence and lead to laceration. The third issue I found was a puddle of water on isle between pallets full of glass vases within the stock room. A person could slip and fall into a pile of glass vases leading to cuts. These are the three safety and health issues I found at my XXXXXXX facility.


FORMAT:You are to prepare your document using Microsoft Word (MS Word), and following an example format indicated in a separate attachment (Titled OLS 30000 Assignment 1 Example). 



Based on our lecture, each student will need to prepare one page report of what you have done/identified under Part 1 above. First, select a type of one page report (Refer to One Page Report lecture). Second develop one page report.  


SUBMISSION of Part 1 and Part 2:Once you complete both Part 1 and Part 2, please submit both documents as one document (See below) through appropriate assignment link (Where you obtain this instruction) in the Blackboardas an attachment.


One Document. Each student should have two document (Part 1 and Part 2). When you ATTACH your document (or submit through the Blackboard), please combine them as one document. If Part 2 is in horizontal format, you must learn how to make Part 1 being vertical and Part 2 being horizontal.(You can do so using Page Break function within MS Word.)



  • Make sure your document has proper file name.
  • Sending your assignment as an email attachment is NOT accepted.
  • Not following the format will lead to 0.
  • Not including requested item(s) will lead to 0.
  • Going "Above and Beyond” such as including additional relevant information will lead to extra credit(s).


If you have any question, please feel free to contact your instructor.


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