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TITLE: Assignment #3 Porter Novelli (Goldsmith)

CLASS / COURSE: Talent Management


Assignment #3 – Chapter 12 Porter Novelli (Goldsmith).


Student will prepare a 3-4 page response to the following: DUE OCT24


1. Discuss the importance of aligning human resource processes with business strategy.

2. Discuss how the firm used benchmarking to determine the performance standards for leadership, client-facing and specialty/support functions.

3. Identify and explain three objectives of the talent management system including one from each category of operations, customer, and financial objectives.

4. Discuss how the company would measure each objective.

5. Discuss how the changes made to Porter Novelli’s talent management system impact organizational performance.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: The significance of aligning human resource processes with business strategy is quite high since it would help the......

1. Marketing
2. Human Resource
3. Organizational Behavior

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