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TITLE: Assignment # 3: Pricing strategy and Channel Distribution

CLASS / COURSE: Marketing


This activity is part of your marketing plan.  Prepare a 4-5 page report, addressing the following:

1.      Determine and discuss a pricing strategy (Penetration or Skimming).

2.      Determine and discuss pricing tactics (Product line pricing, Value pricing, Differential pricing, or Competing against private brands) to be used for your product.

3.      Identify any legal and ethical issues related to the pricing tactics.

4.      Prepare a marketing distribution channel analysis identifying the wholesaler, distributor, and retailer relationships.

5.      Discuss how the distribution strategy fits the product/service, target market, and overall marketing objectives for the company.

Use at 2 references to support the discussion on the marketing pricing objectives and product distribution.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Pricing strategies for Johnny Rockets Franchise will be based on various factors, which include costs, competition,......

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