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TITLE: Assignment 4 Course Project - Cite and Correct of OLS30000 / Safety Class




This tutorial has Assignment 4 Project - Cite and Correct of course OLS30000 Safety and Health for Engineering Technologies / Safety Class / Summer 2017 of Purdue University and  includes Assignment 4 Project - Cite and Correct.


Course Project – Cite and Correct Using Risk Assessment

This assignment/course project has three (3) parts: Part 1: Hazards analysis, Part 2: Hazards prioritization, and Part 3: One page report/Executive Summary.

We will discuss several standards/regulations (Eg: Mechanical Hazards, Walking Working Surfaces, etc) in the next few weeks under the Unit 3 (Refer to "Course Schedule").

Each student is to identify two hazards for each standard(s)/regulation(s) we will discuss every week at your current employment OR mechanical/construction laboratory or within the facility service building here on campus. (Previous employment location DOES NOT count.) In other words, each student is to spot at least two hazards and come up with a corrective action(s) for at least 5 standards/regulations (2 hazards x 5 standards/regulations = Total of 10 hazards) of your choice. 

Each student is to identify Total of 10 hazards (2 hazards x 5 standards/regulations)

For example:

  • Identify two hazards relevant to Mechanical Hazards
  • Identify two hazards relevant to Walking Working Surfaces
  • Etc..

Detailed Instructions

PART 1:(Total 350 pts -  35pts per hazard x 10 hazards)

ELEMENT 1)Introduction:In this section, you are to describe/discuss what you are about to do or describe what a reader is about to read. Eg: Description of an organization where you would conduct this analysis; summary of this analysis; and any additional information that maybe beneficial to a reader.  (NOTE: More information doesn't necessarily mean more points. Each student should be thinking about a "detail yet concise" document!) (20pts)

THEN begin your analysis.

Each identified hazard should contain the following elements (Element 2 ~ 7 below). In addition, each student will need to provide his/her responses in a paragraph format for each element by JUSTIFYING/SUPPORTING his/her responses:

ELEMENT 2) Hazard Explanation: In this section, each student is to discuss an identified hazard in a paragraph format. Explain Hazard you identified. What kind of exposure does each hazard have on employee ? What is the hazard? What could go wrong? Think in terms of "What ifs?" or “What could happen?” In this section, you are to describe a situation(s) and discuss what could happen.

ELEMENT 3) Exposed Parties: In this section, each student is to discuss who would be exposed to this hazard in a paragraph format. Please indicate a specific group or individuals who would be at risk. Meaning don't just indicate "employees" or "students" are exposed. Make sure to JUSTIFY your position/response.

ELEMENT 4) Identify Initial Risk Level: In this section, each student is to identified risk level for this hazard in a paragraph format. When you determine the risk level, it is important  that you JUSTIFY how you derived to your risk level. Furthermore, make sure to discuss how/why you selected certain Frequency and Severity level which led to your initial risk level. (5pts) Refer to Risk Assessment Lecture.

ELEMENT 5)Violated Applicable Standards:In this section, each student is to cite an applicable standard(s) or regulation(s) this hazard violates in a paragraph format. If you were a Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO), which SPECIFIC standard/regulation would you cite this hazard under and WHY? You must provide exact standard (eg: 29CFR 1910.261(a)(1)(i)….) and indicate what it basically says, AND relate your identified hazards with this standard/regulation.  Eg: What was violated, etc. Not providing SPECIFIC standards would lead to points deduction. (5pts)

ELEMENT 6) Hazard Control: In this section, each student is to discussion how he/she would control or abate this hazard in a paragraph format. It is important that you JUSTIFY WHAT and WHY you selected your control measure. In addition, be sure that you discuss this section by referring back to the "Two Stage Approach." (5pts) Refer to Risk Assessment Lecture for Two Stage Approach.

It is important for you to select an appropriate corrective measure(s) to protect your employees. Again, we are here to protect human, property, and the environment. We can’t just say “just because.” We will need to have a good reason(s) or justification(s) as to WHY we take a certain approach or a corrective measure to protect human, properly, and the environment. Therefore, strong justification is critical in this section - when you do so, make sure to cite follow APA format.

ELEMENT 7)Identify Residual Risk Level: In this section, each student is to identify RESIDUAL risk level for this hazard in a paragraph format. Furthermore,once you applied your control measure(s) above (Element 6), you are to reassess risk level to make sure that you have either eliminated or lowered your risk level to an acceptable level. You are to once again to JUSTIFY as to how you derived to your risk level using Frequency and Severity level (5pts)

ELEMENT 8)Supporting Resources: Each student must use at least two (2) “credible” resources PER HAZARD to support his/her responses. This EXCLUDE OSHA/citations. This can be anythingg that enhance the importance of your findings. (5pts)


ABOVE PART 1 must follow APA format. (See attached Sample)

PART 2:(Total 10pts)
Once you identified 10 hazards (two hazards/standard for five standards/regulation), you are to prioritize those hazards from the most critical to the least based on your ORIGINAL risk level. Furthermore, each student will need to prepare ONE PAGE, STAND ALONE document which outlines PRIORITIZATION of those hazards he/she identified and provide the information as as to which hazards need to be control first, second, third, etc.

A student may want to include an introductory statement at the beginning as well as how you derived with your risk level in a concise manner. Again, you only have one page to communicate this to a reader.

PART 3: (Total 20pts)
Each student is to create 1 page document that communicate what you did and finding of Part 1.Furthermore, you are to develop one page report/executive summary of this project.

This includes but not limited to: A background or a reason for this project, the methodology or the process of this project, your findings, etc. 

Remember, one page does not necessary mean a vertical view of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. When you submit this REPORT, think in terms of you submitting this report to your boss. (This is a hands-on practice as to how you would compile a report. If you don't know how to develop a report, I encourage you to research to determine types of report and come up with your own version. Remember, you will most likely to submit a report in a future that is not more than one page......

PART 2 and PART 3 do not follow APA format. Each student will need to be creative to prepare these two parts.

Summary of this assignment/project:

  • Part 1
    • Introduction Total possible 20pts
    • Hazard 1&2 (Contains: above elements 1 ~ 7) Total possible 70pts
    • Hazard 3&4 (Contains: above elements 1 ~ 7) Total possible 70pts
    • Hazard 5&6 (Contains: above elements 1 ~ 7) Total possible 70pts
    • Hazard 7&8 (Contains: above elements 1 ~ 7) Total possible 70pts
    • Hazard 9&19 (Contains: above elements 1 ~ 7) Total possible 70pts
  • Part 2
    • Prioritize above 10 hazards using Risk Assessment Total possible 10pts (stand alone document)
  • Part 3
    • One page report. 20pts (stand alone document)

This assignment/project is worth TOTAL OF 400 pts.
(Due date for this assignment/project can be found in your Course Schedule.)

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Although this assignment/project won’t be due until towards the end of the semester, your instructor will check your progress unannounced. Therefore, it is critical that you complete your task almost every week. If requested, each student MUST submit his/her findings within 12 hours via email. (With proper email heading.)

IMPORTANT NOTE 2:Your instructor will not accept this assignment/project submitted through any method other than using Blackboard's assignment link. This assignment is due on assigned due date/time. Submitting your assignment via email or late due to a crash of your computer, Blackboard issues are not an excuse. Students will receive "0" for not submitting your assignment/project through this assignment link. Therefore, I suggest that you plan ahead and submit early.

Again, please be sure to keep in mind about “a paragraph format” and SUPPORT your responses. In other words, justify your responses.

Please be sure to let me know if you have any question or find any glitches.

SUBMISSION of Part 1 through Part 3:Once you complete all parts, please submit or attached all documents as one document through appropriate assignment link (Where you obtain this instruction) in the Blackboard as an attachment.

One Document. Each student should have two document (Part 1 and Part 2). When you ATTACH your document (or submit through the Blackboard), please combine them as one document. If Part 2 is in horizontal format, you must learn how to make Part 1 being vertical and Part 2 being horizontal.(You can do so using Page Break function within MS Word.)


  • Name the document as requested. (Improper name alone will lead to "0" for an ENTIRE assignment/project.) 
  • Sending your assignment as an email attachment is NOT accepted. (Again lead to "0" for an ENTIRE assignment/project.) 
  • Not following theAPA  format will lead to "0" for an ENTIRE assignment/project.
  • Not including requested element(s) will lead to "0" for an ENTIRE assignment/project.
  • Going "Above and Beyond” such as including additional relevant information will lead to extra credit(s).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact your instructor. Taking initiative is one of the key successes in this course.

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