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TITLE: Assignment 5: Marketing and competitive strategy

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Western International University


QUESTION DESCRIPTION: Assignment 5: Marketing and competitive strategy Please prepare a description of the marketing and competitive strategy for the business/product/service/idea for your final project. You may submit this in a Word document or .pdf. The typical document is 3-4 pages in length, but not less than 3. Specific guidelines and instructions are provided in the MYWEST classroom. Using APA format, in not less than three pages nor more than four pages, describe how you propose to market and sell your products, services or ideas, who your competition is (be as specific as possible giving the name, history and location of your competition) and your competitive strategy. In dealing with your competitive strategy, describe how you plan to compete successfully in the market and how you would take market share from your competitors.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: This tutorial contains solution of Assignment week 5 of the course MGT463. Assignment 5: Marketing and competitive......

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