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TITLE: Assignment #5 Whirlpool Corporation (Goldsmith)

CLASS / COURSE: Talent Management


Assignment #5 – Chap 14 – Whirlpool Corporation (Goldsmith).


Student will prepare a 3-4 page response to the following: DUE OCT 31


1. Discuss what factors emerged at Whirlpool that impacted its talent needs.

2. Discuss how expanding globally changed the talent requirements at Whirlpool.

3. Discuss how Whirlpool used its Leadership Model to manage its talent.

4. Discuss how Whirlpool used metrics to improve the quality of talent hired.

5. Discuss future consideration at Whirlpool related to managing and sustaining talent.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. According to......

1. Marketing
2. Human Resource
3. Organizational Behavior

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