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TITLE: Assignment 6: Costs, break-even, financial planning and budgeting

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Western International University


QUESTION DESCRIPTION: Assignment 6: Costs, break-even, financial planning and budgeting: This week, we will focus on the financial information for your business, product/service/information or idea. Please present your financial data in Excel Spreadsheet, Quickbooks, BizPlan Pro or similar format. Your financial presentation should show your budget for the first year of operation including a breakeven anlaysis. Remember, there is more than one breakeven level of operation. When presenting numbers for unit sales, sales price or any cost figures, you will need to describe how you determined those figures and state the assumptions used to come up with each and every line item. For example, if you show a labor cost of $1000 please describe the number of employees, their hourly wage or salary and the number and type of employees needed. In other words, you will need to prove your financial data is rational. You will also need to justify the amount of money you will need to start your business. Be sure to post a footnote for each income and expense line item that explains the assumptions you used for the numbers you posted. Footnotes are mandatory.

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