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TITLE: Assignment 8: Final Presentation Delivery

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Western International University


QUESTION DESCRIPTION: Assignment 8: Final Presentation Delivery Assignment: Final Presentation Slides • Create a 5–7 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines your Target Company Report. The slides will be evaluated for: o Content o Relevance o Layout o Readability Assignment: Final Presentation Delivery • Present the findings from your final paper in person (on campus) or via Adobe® Acrobat® ConnectTM during the online class meeting. Your presentation must be 5–15 minutes long (including Q & A and depending on the number of students in the class) and will be evaluated on: The rubric posted in Shared Files Please prepare a 5 to 10 minute (depending on class size) oral presentation of your business plan using 5 to 7 slides to complement your presentation. You will be graded on your presentation content, presentation style and flow of ideas. Remember: you are trying to sell the audience on your project, so assume we are all potential investors.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: This tutorial contains solution of Assignment week 8 of the course MGT463. Assignment 8: Final Presentation Delivery......

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