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TITLE: Assignment: Application Paper

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Ivy Tech Community College



Course: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication - COMM102

Application paper Instructions.

Read chapter 5 in your text book. When you are done watch one of the two following movies:

The Terminalor Dances with Wolves

When you are done, write a paper in which you analyze the way language was both a barrier and a bridge in the movie you watched. Don't tell the story. Analyze the behaviors as if they were real-life behaviors you witnessed. You might discuss the ways you witnessed influences on perception, or some of the common tendencies in perception. Maybe you saw examples of characters engaging in perception checking, or demonstrating empathy. Use as many specific examples as possible, and discuss them in terms of the principles found in chapter 3 of your text.

Your paper should be 500 words in length. At the top of your paper I should find your name, the date and a short title. Papers must have correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

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