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TITLE: Assignment: Final Application Paper

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Ivy Tech Community College



Course: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication - COMM102

Final Application Paper Assignment

Pro-Active Reading Assignment*


For this assignment you will need your textbook.  The use of additional reference sources is NOT required, but may earn you extra credit.  If you use additional reference sources, be sure to cite your sources using parenthetical citations.  With or without academic sources your paper should be formatted in the APA style.  Your instructor may tell you to use one or the other.  Your paper must include a title page.  It must double-spaced and typed in 12pt Times New Roman font.


This assignment is due ????.  This paper is worth 150 points and it will be graded according to the rubric in the syllabus.



  1. Read the foreword, preface, and introduction of the book.  Read the author’s/editor’s orientation to the book.


  1. Turn to the table of contents and see how the author has organized the information into parts, chapter, or other sub-sections.  You may look at individual chapters to see how the author has organized each chapter.


  1. Leaf through the book, rapidly scanning or reading the occasional paragraph or heading that interest you.  Try to get a feel of the book.


  1. Put the book down and write five questions concerning matters you have become curious about as a result of this preliminary examination.


  1. Next, review your first question and find in it a key word or phrase that you think might be in the index.  Go to the index and look for the key word; if you draw a blank, try to come up with a synonym.  If the synonym is not there, see if the table of contents leads you to where the question can be answered.


  1. Now turn to that part of the book that deals with your question and look for the answer.  If the author refers to materials in other parts of the book, follow the leads until you have enough information relevant to your question.


  1. Use the same procedure with your other questions.



  1. All papers must be typed, double-spaced and use either Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font. Each of your answers must be at least 250 words (a minimum of 1250 words for the paper).
  2. This paper must include a title page - identify your name, the date, and a short title. 
  3. Papers must have correct spelling and grammar including sentence structure. Whichever style is chosen should be used consistently throughout the paper (case and tense). Papers must use APA format.
  4. The grading rubric for the assignments is on page 9 of this syllabus.


*Adapted from:  Gross, R. (1991). Peak Learning. Los Angeles, CA: Jeremy P. Tracher, Inc.






Question 1: Self-Concept and Self-Esteem increases the confidence level?

Question 2: How culture influences perception?

Question 3: What is the impact of gender on language?

Question 4: Is the body language a non-verbal communication?

Question 5: How can Relational Development and Maintenance help in living a happy married life?


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