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TITLE: Assignment is from Human Resource course on service recovery and the gaps



This Assignment is from Human Resource course on service recovery and the gaps.

Develop a program for service recovery for a healthcare organization which can include a clinic, emergency department, and hospital. For instance, you could choose the top 10 most common service failures and establish guidelines (or perhaps scripts) for use by providers. Consider the concepts of services marketing gap analysis as you offer methods for improvement. In other words, identify the common service failures and develop customer recovery strategies using the framework of “fix the customer” and “fix the problem.” This should include scripting for frontline personnel and ways to learn from the service failure for quality improvement.

You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation on the above 10 examples. 

Important points that need to be noted: 

1)   10 Examples of service recovery problems in healthcare settings.

2)   Scripts of complainer interacting with service person such as doctor, receptionist, medical assistant, office manager in handling the problem using service recovery techniques.

3)   Discussion for each on steps that should be taken to prevent the problem that led to service recovery issues. Relate to fix the customer and fix the service as in text.

4)   Your presentation could have about 22-25 slides professional presentation. However,


Attached (in other pdf file) is the reference material from the basic textbook on the HR course on service recovery and the gaps.


Please Note carefully …………………….


Please provide speaker’s notes as well for each slide of the presentation.


I want to be sure that this project is one that you are capable to accomplish. You would need to be with clear healthcare frontline experience. If you have these expertise, that would be great. I need to be sure that you have the excellent command of the English language that you do, I have worked with others in past from India and other countries who really do not speak English very well and their essays are almost incomprehensible for me.

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