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TITLE: Assignments Week 1 to 8

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Western International University



Assignment 1: Prepare a paper containing your idea  for the  course business plan

Write an essay (approx. 250 words) introducing the topic for your final course business plan.

Please select a business, product, service, information or idea that is of great interest to you or for which you have experience and expertise and/or that you will benefit from beyond MGT 463.

Indicate why you are interested in this business/ product/service/information/idea and what benefit you believe it will have to yourself, consumers and/or the community.

 Specific guidelines and instructions are provided in My Assignments in your MYWEST classroom


Assignment 2: A paper on Porter's Five Forces Model with respect to your business

Prepare a paper of at least two and a half pages analyzing Porter's Five Forces Model as it relates to the business you have chosen.

Specific guidelines and instructions are provided in My Assignments in your MYWEST classroom


Assignment 3: A paper on business organizations and business valuation

Please submit a paper of at least three pages providing an analysis of why you chose the organizational form you chose for your business: corporation, LLC, partnership, Sub-S corporation, sole proprietorship or other.

Include such considerations as: taxes, liability issues, operational control, ownership control, efficiency, succession planning and any others you considered.


Assignment 4: Detailed description of business products, services, ideas.  

Please prepare a detailed description of the business, product/service/information/idea for your final project. 

You may submit this in a Word document, PowerPoint file or .pdf. The typical document is 4 pages in length and not less than 3 1/2 pages.

Specific guidelines and instructions are provided in My Assignments in your MYWEST classroom.

In APA format describe in detail the products, services or ideas that you will use in your business plan.  Explain: why you chose what you did; how what you chose will benefit society; why you believe there will be a market for your product, service or idea; and why you chose the geographic area that you chose for your business.  Also discuss in detail: why others are not satisfying the need or desire for your products, services or ideas and how and why you will satisfy them.


Assignment 5: Marketing and competitive strategy

Please prepare a description of the marketing and competitive strategy for the business/product/service/idea for your final project. 

You may submit this in a Word document  or .pdf. The typical document is 3-4 pages in length, but not less than 3.

Specific guidelines and instructions are provided in the MYWEST classroom.

Using APA format, in not less than three pages nor more than four pages, describe how you propose to market and sell your products, services or ideas, who your competition is (be as specific as possible giving the name, history and location of your competition) and your competitive strategy. 

In dealing with your competitive strategy, describe how you plan to compete successfully in the market and how you would take market share from your competitors.



Assignment 6: Costs, break-even, financial planning and budgeting:  Due by 18th Aug, 2013

This week, we will focus on the financial information for your business, product/service/information or idea.

Please present your financial data in Excel Spreadsheet, Quickbooks, BizPlan Pro or similar format.

Your financial presentation should show your budget for the first year of operation including a breakeven anlaysis.  Remember, there is more than one breakeven level of operation.

When presenting numbers for unit sales, sales price or any cost figures,  you will need to describe how you determined  those figures and state the assumptions  used to come up with each and every line item.  For example, if you show a labor cost of $1000 please describe the number of employees, their hourly wage or salary and the number and type of employees needed.   In other words, you will need to prove your financial data is rational.

You will also need to justify the amount of money you will need to start your business.

Be sure to post a footnote for each income and expense line item that explains the assumptions you used for the numbers you posted.  Footnotes are mandatory.


Assignment 7: Business Plan Summary

This week we will “pull it all together” by writing the Executive Summary for your business plan. (Not surprisingly, most consultants and planners do all of the detailed work and then write the “cover letter” last.)

You should be able to prepare a 1-1/2 to 2 page Executive Summary for your business plan utilizing all of the sections you’ve prepared in Weeks 1-6.

Using APA format, prepare a two page (not less than 1 1/2 pages) summary of your business plan.  Summarize all component parts already submitted in the prior week’s assignments.

This is a selling document designed to excite potential investors/lenders about your project and to raise capital necessary to start your business.  One element of the summary is "Exit Strategy". This strategy describes how you will repay investors and/or lenders if your business is not successful.  The better this strategy, the more likely you will be able to raise the money you need.

In addition, for Week 8, each student will create and present a 5-7 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines the components of your business plan.


Assignment 8: Final Presentation Delivery

Assignment: Final Presentation Slides

• Create a 5–7 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines your Target Company Report. The slides will be evaluated for:

o Content

o Relevance

o Layout

o Readability

Assignment: Final Presentation Delivery

• Present the findings from your final paper in person (on campus) or via Adobe® Acrobat® ConnectTM during the online class meeting. Your presentation must be 5–15 minutes long (including Q & A and depending on the number of students in the class) and will be evaluated on:

The rubric posted in Shared Files

Please prepare a 5 to 10 minute (depending on class size) oral presentation of your business plan using 5 to 7 slides to complement your presentation.

You will be graded on your presentation content, presentation style and flow of ideas.  Remember: you are trying to sell the audience on your project, so assume we are all potential investors.

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