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TITLE: Athlete Ethical Issues




There has been an interesting and somewhat disturbing trend of athletes and even common people selling stock in themselves as an alternative to traditional loans (see list of links at the bottom of this assignment).

However is it legal? Is it Ethical? What problems or questions may this create in society?

These are the questions you will answer in this assignment.

Specifically I want you to analyze each of the situations listed below in the links and Answer, FOR EACH SCENARIO, is it legal (if yes why if no why), What laws govern this type of situation (list and BRIEFLY describe), Is it ethical (if yes why and if no why), and extend you reasoning to include possible societal ramifications.

In organizing the paper set it up so each scenario is separate and answers those questions.

***************** (Grouped as Scenario ONE)*****************

***************** (Grouped as Scenario TWO)*****************





Grouped as Scenario Three


Laws you may want to examine do your own research as well


SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: According to scenario 1, it seems that the whole act of selling stock of oneself is totally legal. From the......

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