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6) Investors trading online: 
A.   do their own research and make their own investment decisions. 
B.   buy and sell securities without using a brokerage firm. 
C.   generally avoided the market downturn of the early 2000s. 
D.   receive more advice than offered by traditional stockbrokers. 
7) The purpose of the SEC's circuit breakers rule is to: 
A.   C) allow floor traders to specialize in trading the securities of specific industries. 
B.   B) halt trading for a short time following a dramatic drop in stock prices. 
C.   D) prevent individuals from profiting from information not available to the general public. 
D.   A) prevent market disruption caused by a communication malfunction. 
10) As a salesperson in the B2B market, Patty regularly calls on clients to stay informed of their needs or problems. Her objective is to develop solutions to meet their needs and resolve their problems. The Internet allows Patty to track products in the supply chain and to learn about pricing and promotions that would be of interest to her clients. When Patty works with her existing clients there is no need for the __________ step of the B2B selling process.
A.   answer objections
B.   approach
C.   close sale
D.   prospect and qualify
12) Bonnie faces the challenge of developing the promotion mix for a new business. Given the uniqueness of the new products and a very limited budget, Bonnie confronts a creditability problem. She realizes that the promotional messages of an unknown firm may be met with skepticism. Bonnie should consider:
A.  emphasizing personal selling rather than public relations.
B.  changing jobs because this situation is hopeless.
C.  the extensive use of persuasive advertising.
D.  publicity to help create a positive image for her firm and its products.
13) Amanda, a regional manager for Flairol Cosmetics, has just seen a report showing that sales in her region are lower than anticipated so far this quarter. Her next task is to determine the reason for the disappointing results and find a way to get sales up to their desired level. Amanda's efforts are part of the ____________ function of management. 
A.   organizing 
B.   planning 
C.   directing 
D.   controlling 
14) Which of the following techniques would a team of workers be most likely to use if they wanted to evaluate several possible solutions to a specific problem their company needs to solve?
A.   PMI
B.   MBO
C.   regression analysis
15) Sharon needed to solve a problem quickly, so she called together all the workers in her department and asked them to list as many possible solutions as they could come up with in a short period of time. During the process she encouraged responses and avoided censoring what her workers said. Sharon seems to be using a problem solving technique known as brainstorming.
A.   True
B.   False
16) Maureen's supervisor was so impressed by her work that he named her the employee of the month. This praise from her supervisor is an example of a(n) _________ reward. 
A.   secondary 
B.   extraneous 
C.   intrinsic 
D.   extrinsic 
17) ______________ was the dominant strategy for improving worker productivity during the early 1900s. 
A.   Social Darwinism 
B.   Job enrichment 
C.   Scientific management 
D.   Management by objective 
18) So far, among all minority groups, only Asian-Americans have realized the need for networking. 
A.   True
B.   False
19) One of the difficulties facing today’s managers is to: 
A.   earn the trust of their employees. 
B.   cope with the sudden and unexpected slowdown in the pace of innovation and change. 
C.   find ways to encourage conformity instead of diversity. 
D.   deal with a workforce that is less educated and less self-directed than in the past. 
21) Which of the following statements comparing today’s workers with those from earlier eras is most accurate? Compared to earlier workers, today’s employees are: 
A.   more willing to leave the firm to seek better opportunities. 
B.   more likely to need direct guidance and direction from their managers. 
C.   less educated and less self-directed. 
D.   more loyal to the firm. 
24) To effectively run a business, it is necessary to: 
A.   understand and use accounting information. 
B.   hire a full-time accountant. 
C.   use a public accounting firm. 
D.   know the differences between accounting and bookkeeping.
25) You would be most likely to ask for the help of a forensic accountant if you: 
A.   faced severe financial hardship and needed to find the most effective way to cut costs quickly. 
B.   wanted to decide which accounting system to adopt for a new business. 
C.   believed that someone in your organization was employing unethical or illegal accounting methods. 
D.   wanted to determine the best depreciation and inventory valuation methods to use to minimize the income taxes paid by your organization. 
26) Adam Smith would suggest that the reason that businesses like Wal-Mart helped the disaster victims of Hurricane Katrina was: 
A.   the U.S. government paid Wal-Mart to help the victims. 
B.   it was the ethical thing to do. 
C.   it was in Wal-Mart’s best interest to help the victims. 
D.   it was a way to decrease Wal-Mart’s productivity. 
27) The purpose of the Center for Community and Corporate Ethics (CCCE) is to:
A.   supervise Wal-Mart advertising such that it follows the truth-in-advertising laws.
B.   organize and build a nationwide grassroots campaign to battle Wal-Mart’s efforts at expansion and force the company to offer health care benefits to all its employees.
C.   stop the United Food and Commercial Workers Union from its attempts to unionize Wal-Mart.
D.   monitor pricing at all Wal-Marts in the U.S.
28) Which of the following statements best describes McDonald's current involvement in global markets? 
A.   McDonald's global market success reflects their willingness to adapt their menu to local tastes and culture. 
B.   McDonald's focus is on the U.S. market, and it currently has no plans to participate in global markets. 
C.   McDonald's success in the global market has been achieved by offering the U.S. menu worldwide. 
D.   McDonald's has been successful in Europe, but has failed to achieve consumer acceptance in other regions of the world. 
29) Behavior that is in conflict with your values and sense of right and wrong can damage your self esteem. 
A.   False
B.   True
30) Which of the following terms describes the set of values, beliefs, rules, language, and institutions held by a specific group of people? 
A.   institutional society. 
B.   ethnocentricity. 
C.   culture
D.   Social myopia

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