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TITLE: Case Study: Gillette’s Energy Drain: The Acquisition of Duracell

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Richard Ivey School of Business

CLASS / COURSE: Strategic Management


This Tutorial has solution to the case study "Gillette’s Energy Drain: The Acquisition of Duracell"

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Any case in the case book can be used for individual assignment, which tests your ability to apply theory to practice in the form of a consulting report.


Students are expected to develop and present a complete analysis of each assigned case individually and not to consult with others. You must substantiate your recommendations using persuasive arguments and appropriate theories.


Maximum length is 3 double-spaced pages with at least 1-inch margin on all four sides of the pages. Use Times New Roman, 12-font only. On top of the 3-page limit, you can include (a) one title page, (b) one page of appendix which includes tables or figures only, and (c) as many reference pages as you wish.  Reference pages can include reference only, and an example of a reference is: Adam, J. A. 2003. Mathematics in nature: Modeling patterns in the natural world. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.


Individual Assignment #1


In 1996, Gillette acquired Duracell batteries for $7.3 billion in stock. The purchase was met with optimism not only by Gillette's senior management and its highly visible director, Warren Buffett, but also by Wall Street analysts. Despite the initial enthusiasm, Duracell had become a drain on Gillette's performance and had brought an end to Gillette's impressive earnings growth history. It had also cost Michael Hawley, a former CEO, his job after only 18 months in the position, due to his inability to turn around the financial hemorrhaging at the Duracell division.


Suppose it is 2001 and you are a business consultant. James Kilt, the newly hired CEO of Gillette, hires you to write a 3-page and double-spaced consulting report for him. Considering what had cost his predecessor’s job, Mr. Kilt asks you to provide recommendations on the question: “How to turn around the Duracell division?”


The full case can be found at this link…………

Grading Criteria:

Your response to the question will be evaluated on the basis of:

Professionalism (Form & Critical Thinking)

  1. Not acceptable. Paper needed copy editing for spelling and/or grammar.
  2. Not good. Rehashed a lot of case fact.
  3. Acceptable. Well written and little repetition of case facts.
  4. Very good. Well written and well argued. Comprehensive.


Breadth and Depth of Knowledge on the Topic

1.     Not acceptable. The pros and cons the suggestions are not mentioned.

2.     Not good. Only the pros or the cons of the suggestions are mentioned.

3.     Acceptable. Both the pros and the cons of the suggestions are mentioned.

4.     Very good. Both the pros and the cons of the suggestion are mentioned and compared (i.e., Do the pros outweigh the cons, or vice versa?).


Theoretical Foundations of the Suggestion

1.     Not acceptable. Your arguments have no relationship with strategic management. For example, no theory in the textbook is applied in your report.

2.     Not good. Your arguments are guided by more than two theories.

3.     Acceptable. Your arguments are guided by one or two theories mentioned in the textbook. However, the theory/theories are not very relevant to the case. 

4.     Very good. Your arguments are guided by one or two relevant theories and the theories are closely related to the case (Please note that you are not required to repeat the detail of the theory due to the page limit).


Relevant & Credible Evidence

1.     Not acceptable. No relevant evidence is provided to support the arguments.

2.     Not good. Some evidence provided, but the relationship between arguments & evidence is only loosely established.

3.     Acceptable.The response provided some relevant evidence to support the arguments.

4.     Very good.Arguments are supported with enough & strong pieces of evidence which are closely connected to the arguments.


Tips for individual assignment

1.     The question is based on the case “Gillette’s Energy Drain”. Information in the case is enough for you to write the assignment so that you do not need to collect additional information somewhere else.


2.     Grading criteria tells you how the assignment will be marked. It’s also my expectation for your assignment. So, it will be helpful to read it.


3.     After reading the case, you will need to think what theory or theories can be used to answer this question. Use only one or two theories. No more than two. It’s kind of like a dialog between theory and case. You go back and forth between them and the theory can help you think and write in a logical and consistent way.


4.     You do not need to repeat the details of theory.


5.     After the analysis, you will need to come up with some strategic alternatives (at least one, no more than two). Both the pros and cons will have to be discussed. After comparing the pros and cons, then you need to decide whether you would recommend.


6.     This is an “individual” assignment. So, please do not consult with each other to avoid any possibility of plagiarism. Do read other requirements about the assignment in the syllabus.


7.      As for the question of assignment #1, selling Duracell is also an option.


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