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TITLE: Case: The Activision Blizzard Merger

CLASS / COURSE: Strategic Management


This Tutorial has solution to the case study "The Activision Blizzard Merger"


1. Why this corporate strategy? In other words: Why diversify? or Why vertically integrate?
2. Why this tactic? In other words: Why an alliance? or Why build it out yourself? or Why a merger/acquisition?
3. Why this company? explain why these companies specifically (assuming the company isn't building it out themselves).

its is only supposed to be 3-3 pages

when answering the first question: address why vertical integration or why diversify in the following economies scopes:
-from operational scope (core competence and such..)
-from the financial economies of scope (capital allocation, risk reduction and such)
-anticompetitive economies of scope (multi point competition..etc)
-employee incentives to diversify

for vertical integration, discuss it in the following:
-threat of opputurtunism
-firm capabilities

you're going to choose on or the other based on the case

for question 2, its going to be either alliance, build out, or merger/aquisitoin and you have to answer it in the following:
corporate strategy:

and the last is why this company, what are the benefits, disadvantages..what do they gain ..etc etc.



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