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TITLE: Challenges for Regulating the Global Information Society

CLASS / COURSE: Computer science


I have an assignment in Computer Science. It is related to ICT Regulations and Professional Issues.

I have attached details in email. One pdf file is supportive article but do not take/copy anything from that, it is just to support. Another word file has assignment and instructions.


Important Instructions


First you have to read the article to understand the assignment but you cannot take anything from this article even if you take as reference. There are 4 questions given below you need to search about them and write the answer for each question (in about 500 words each and total 2000 words for all 4 questions from your understanding and support it with some references and examples (similar to the examples in the article) .make sure to write introduction and conclusion and each question is addressed properly. 4 questions are given in the below paragraph given under heading QUESTION.

Make sure that nothing is copied because everything is double checked for plagiarism (everything must be referenced and in-text cited in Harvard Style).


SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Information Technology (IT) is becoming one of the most important factors in the lives of people all over the......

1. Computer Information System


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