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TITLE: Chapter 14: Quiz 14


CLASS / COURSE: MGMT 324 Marketing Management


This tutorial has Quiz 1 of course MGMT 324 Marketing Managment of Purdue University. 

1. A(n) __________ is a form of ownership that involves multiple outlets under common ownership. 
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 A. corporate chain    
B. consumer cooperative  
C. contractual system  
D. independent retailer  
E. administered system  
2. Franchising is attractive for the franchisee because 
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 A. it gives the franchisee complete control over the delivery and presentation of merchandise. 0%  
B. the license fees paid to the franchisor are the only fees the franchisee pays.  
C. it relieves the franchisee from any company or product liabilities.  
D. it offers the franchisee the opportunity to enter into a well-known, established business where managerial advice is provided.    
E. the franchisee is completely his or her own boss.  
3. Enterprise car rental agency differentiates itself from other similar agencies by providing a delivery service. This delivery service is particularly valuable to someone who has been left stranded without transportation. By making it easy to rent temporary transportation, Enterprise is emphasizing which utility? 
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A. product  
B. service  
 C. possession    
D. form  
E. convenience  
4. As one of the best-run banks in the United States, Wells Fargo reaches retail customers through over 3,000 branch banks, almost 600 in-store minibanks, a worldwide network of about 7,000 ATMs, and its online banking service. The online service has more than 9 million users. Which utility does Wells Fargo best provide in this example? 
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A. time  
 B. place    
C. possession  
D. form  
E. performance  
  Warehouse clubs and most gas stations today provide what level of retail service? 
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 A. full-service  
B. limited service  
C. self-service    
D. customized service  
E. functional service  
6. __________ retailers, which include most specialty stores and department stores, provide many services to their customers. 
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A. Exclusive service.  
B. Economies-of-scale service.  
C. Self-service.  
D. Limited service.  
 E. Full-service.    
7. One of the biggest problems an online retailer faces is 
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A. an inability to create time utility.  
 B. customers' tendencies to get to the checkout and leave the website without concluding the purchase. 100%    
C. its inability to allow comparison shopping.  
D. the difficulty of actually placing the online purchase.  
E. customer concern about privacy.  
8. Direct selling is likely to continue to grow in markets 
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A. for furniture.  
 B. where convenience is important.    
C. where there are effective distribution channels.  
D. in which consumers are knowledgeable shoppers.  
E. that have an excellent infrastructure.  
9. Regional shopping centers typically consist of 50 to 150 stores. The typical drawing distance is 5 to 10 miles from the mall. The centers often contain two or three __________, which are well-known national or regional stores such as Bloomingdale's or Dillard's. 
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A. general stores  
B. off-price retailers  
 C. anchor stores    
D. warehouse clubs  
E. factory outlets  
10. Home Depot began as a simple retailing concept to provide a one-stop shopping for construction materials and tools for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer. It has evolved into a home and garden center. It now has professional home interior decorators employed to help customers make decisions about lights, wallpaper, paint, etc. It also offers installation services on many of the items it sells. From being a relatively simple concept, Home Depot has become an international chain with higher margins and a diverse list of products. This evolution of Home Depot is consistent with the 
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 A. wheel of retailing.    
B. evolution of retailing.  
C. retail cycle.  
D. retail life cycle.  
E. retail evolutionary cycle.  
11. Rack jobbers are wholesalers who 
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 A. furnish the shelves that display merchandise in retail stores, perform all channel functions, and sell on consignment to retailers. 100%    
B. own the merchandise they sell and use warehouse racks to store it.  
C. own the merchandise they sell but do not physically handle, stock, or deliver it.  
D. have a small warehouse from which they stock their trucks for distribution to retailers.  
E. work for several producers and carry noncompetitive, complementary merchandise in an exclusive territory.  
12. Recently, office vacancy rates from Kansas City to San Jose hovered at or near a 10-year low. Like skilled labor at the time, choice office space was a scarce commodity. A business in Kansas City, Missouri, looking to rent office space should use a __________ to help it locate the most suitable space at the best possible rate. 
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 A. broker    
B. selling agent  
C. manufacturer's representative  
D. manufacturers' agent  
E. administrator  
13. A manufacturer's sales office 
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 A. does not carry inventory, typically performs a sales function, and is an alternative to agents and brokers. 100%    
B. works for several producers and carries noncompetitive, complementary merchandise in an exclusive territory.  
C. takes title to merchandise but sells only to buyers who call on them, pays cash for merchandise, and furnishes their own transportation for the merchandise.  
D. carries a producer's inventory, performs the functions of a full-service wholesaler and is an alternative to a merchant wholesaler.  
E. brings buyers and sellers together to make sales.  
14. __________ retailing occurs outside a retail outlet, such as through telemarketing, direct selling, and automatic vending. 
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A. Limited-line  
 B. Nonstore    
C. Scrambled merchandise  
D. Hypermarket  
E. Intertype  
15. Albertson's Supermarket accepts debit and credit cards as well as cash and checks for purchases. Its acceptance of various forms of payment provides its customers with __________ utility. 
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A. time  
B. place  
C. possession    
 D. form  
E. public  

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