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CLASS / COURSE: MGMT 324 Marketing Management


This tutorial has Quiz 1 of course MGMT 324 Marketing Managment of Purdue University. 

1. Which of the following does NOT describe a situation in which personal selling occurs? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. a clerk at the jewelry counter  
B. a telemarketer selling magazine subscriptions  
 C. a stockbroker using a video teleconference to tell customers about a new retirement plan 0%  
D. a mail-order catalog featuring homemade candy    
E. the host of a television home shopping program demonstrating gardening tools  
2. An order getter is a 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. salesperson who specializes in identifying, analyzing, and solving customer problems, but who does not actually sell products and services.  
B. salesperson who processes routine orders or reorders for products that are presold by the company.  
 C. salesperson who identifies prospective customers, provides customers with information, persuades customers to buy, closes sales, and follows up on a customer's use of a product or service. 100%    
D. person on the selling team who is responsible for obtaining qualified leads.  
E. member of the sales support team who does not directly solicit orders but rather concentrates on performing promotional activities and introducing new products.  
3. Which of the following statements about order getters is true? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Order getters often replenish a retailer's inventories.  
B. Order getters handle orders obtained on inbound telemarketing.  
 C. Order getters require considerable product knowledge. 100%    
D. Order getters typically process reorders for products already sold by the company.  
E. All of the above statements about order getters are true.  
4. Alice Faulkner is a professional salesperson. She earns her living by selling advertising for The New York Times newspaper. In addition to selling advertising to her regular accounts, Alice is responsible for generating new advertising accounts for the newspaper. In order to fulfill her responsibilities, Faulkner works hard to make sure the potential customers she sells to are qualified prospects. How can Faulkner know if the prospects she is selling to are qualified prospects? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Qualified prospects have only an interest in buying display advertising in the paper.  
B. Qualified prospects have the money to buy display advertising in the paper but don't care if the ad is purchased.  
C. Qualified prospects have the authority to make the decision to buy the advertising, but no idea if this is an effective use of company assets.  
 D. Qualified prospects have a need for the advertising, can afford to buy it, and have the authority to make the purchase decision. 100%    
E. Qualified prospects read the newspaper daily and recognize that it is a good advertising medium.  
5. During the prospecting stage of personal selling, a salesperson might be engaged in which of the following? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. create a desire for the product or service  
B. gain the prospect's attention  
C. try to find out the customers' important buying criteria  
 D. use cold canvassing approach    
E. stimulate the customer's interest  
6. At the __________ stage in the personal selling process, a salesperson gains a prospect's attention, stimulates interest, and builds the foundation for the sales presentation itself. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. prospecting  
B. preapproach  
 C. approach    
D. qualifying  
E. trial close  
7. Which of the following statements should the salesperson use to accept the objection? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. "I think I might be able to explain that better to you after showing you this diagram."  
 B. "I think you have a point there; do you have any idea how we can improve that situation?" 100%    
C. "That's completely misconstrued. It does have a shorter shelf life, but I would say it was an advantage because it never gets to stay on the shelf very long."  
D. "Where did you hear that? Your source must have erroneous information."  
E. "As I was saying, …."  
8. Davidson-Uphoff & Company sells ironware accessories for home and garden to retailers. When its salesperson told the prospect, "For this week only, we will pay all the shipping costs for new customers," the salesperson was using a(n) 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. reactive close.  
B. assumption close.  
 C. urgency close.    
D. consultative close.  
E. definitive close.  
9. A sales plan is a(n) 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. method of determining a fair and equitable compensation plan that considers more than simply sales revenue; it includes a weighted system for different types of items or different sized territories to cover.  
B. method of identifying the target market that most closely meets the special skills of the salesforce.  
C. formula-based method for determining the size of a salesforce that integrates the number of customers served, call frequency, call length, and available selling time to arrive at a salesforce size figure.  
 D. statement describing what is to be achieved and where and how the selling effort of salespeople is to be deployed. 100%    
E. evaluation methodology that specifies times and places for direct communications between salespeople and their supervisor.  
10. Which of the following tasks are involved in the formulation stage of the sales management process? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. recruiting and selecting the salesforce, training the salesforce, and compensating the salesforce  
B. developing account management policies, implementing the account management policies, correcting the account management policies  
 C. setting sales objectives, organizing the salesforce, and developing account management policies 100%    
D. organizing the salesforce, quantitative assessment, and follow-up  
E. organizing the salesforce, setting motivational sales quotas, and evaluating the individual members of the salesforce  
11. With a __________, a salesperson is paid a specified salary plus a commission on sales or profits generated. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. sales response compensation plan  
 B. combination compensation plan    
C. straight sales compensation plan  
D. straight commission compensation plan  
E. sales function compensation plan  
12. The use of technologies to make the sales function more effective and efficient is called __________. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. personal selling.  
B. direct marketing.  
 C. salesforce automation.    
D. decentralization.  
E. account management policies.  
13. __________ is the practice of building ties to customers based on a salesperson's attention and commitment to customer needs over time. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Order processing  
B. Order taking  
C. Customer value creation  
 D. Relationship selling    
E. Transactional selling  
14. At the end of her sales presentation, the salesperson asks, "Will you want to make monthly payments of $75 with a 10 percent down payment or will you be writing a check for the full amount today?" She has just executed a(n) 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. assumptive close.    
B. consultative close.  
C. proactive close.  
D. urgency close.  
E. adaptive close.  
15. Quantitative assessments of sales performance may be based on output-related measures, such as 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. sales calls made.  
B. selling expenses.  
 C. new accounts generated.    
D. number of reports submitted to superiors.  
E. number of sales classes taken by salespeople.  

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