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TITLE: Chapter 5: Quiz 5


CLASS / COURSE: MGMT 324 Marketing Management


This tutorial has Quiz 5 of course MGMT 324 Marketing Managment of Purdue University. 

1. During the purchase decision process, an individual at the __________ stage will perceive differences between his or her ideal and actual situations big enough to trigger a decision. 
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 A. problem recognition    
B. alternative evaluation  
C. cognitive dissonance  
D. routine response behavior  
E. postpurchase behavior  
2. Emily wants to purchase a new computer. She is unsure about what hardware and software she will need. As a result, she has begun asking for advice from friends and relatives. In addition, she has talked to several computer salespeople and has looked at some websites. Emily is engaging in 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. problem recognition.  
B. an internal search.  
 C. an external search.    
D. a purchase task.  
E. the creation of an antecedent state.  
3. The Ford Escape uses hybrid fuel technology to deliver more power, convenience, prestige, and fuel economy than non-hybrid cars. The attributes listed for the Ford Escape are those that consumers would consider when evaluating the car. These attributes are a consumer's 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. hot buttons.  
B. informational alternatives.  
 C. evaluative criteria.    
D. buying-decision choices.  
E. consumer attributes.  
4. Five situational influences have an impact on a consumer's purchase decision process are the purchase task, social surroundings, temporal effects, antecedent states, and 
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A. competition.  
 B. physical surroundings.    
C. dependent variables.  
D. independent variables.  
E. economic effects.  
5. Antecedent states include 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. the purpose of the purchase.  
B. other people present.  
C. the time of day.  
D. the crowding in retail stores.  
 E. the consumer's mood.    
6.According to Figure 5-5 above, financial security is an example of a __________ need. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. self-actualization  
B. personal  
C. social  
 D. safety    
E. physiological  
7. An Acura automobile ad is headlined by a quote from Henry David Thoreau, "Go in the Direction of Your Dreams." This ad is most likely to appeal to people's __________ needs. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. physiological  
B. safety  
C. social  
 D. personal    
E. psychological  
8. Cary was offended by the brand name of a new product for women. She believes that the name is demeaning for women and that its use means the manufacturer is unsympathetic to women. Due to very likely __________ on the part of the women in the target market, the future of this product may be poor unless it changes its name. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. selective retention  
 B. selective comprehension    
C. selective exposure  
D. selective analysis  
E. stimulus discrimination  
9. The anxiety felt because the consumer cannot anticipate the outcomes of a purchase but believes there may be negative consequences is called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. a negative antecedent.  
 B. perceived risk.    
C. temporal uncertainty.  
D. spatial uncertainty.  
E. buyers' remorse.  
10. In the evening, you are hungry, see an ad for Subway sandwiches on TV, walk to the Subway shop, and buy a sandwich, which tastes great. In terms of behavioral learning, your hunger is a(n) 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. achievement.  
 B. drive.    
C. reinforcement.  
D. cue.  
E. response.  
11. The back of a box of Hinode Harvest Blend rice mix suggests cooking with chicken broth for added flavor. Which of the following methods will work best in educating potential consumers? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Using behavioral learning techniques  
B. Creating habit-forming behavior  
C. Attempting to form positive attitudes  
 D. Using cognitive learning techniques 100%    
E. All have equal educational potential when introducing a new product.  
12. Each of the VALS segments exhibits unique media preferences. Which segment would be the most likely to read sports magazines? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Experiencers    
B. Believers  
C. Makers  
D. Achievers  
E. Innovators  
13. Students who wear sweatshirts displaying the Greek letters for fraternities or sororities to which they belong are demonstrating pride in a(n) __________ group 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. dissociative  
B. aspiration  
 C. membership    
D. identification  
E. political  
14. If a fraternity wants to attract new members, it should focus on people who viewed are part of a(n) __________ group. 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. membership  
 B. aspiration    
C. dissociative  
D. reference  
E. involvement  
15. Which of the following statements about family decision-making is true? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. The use of joint decision-making is directly related to the educational levels achieved by the spouses. 100%    
B. Husbands tend to make all decisions about cars, vacation, and homes.  
C. The two types of family decision-making are joint and autonomous.  
D. With autonomous decision-making, the husband would make all the decisions about groceries, medicine, and car maintenance.  
E. As household incomes rise, the female makes most decisions.  

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