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TITLE: Contemporary Australian politics

CLASS / COURSE: Politics


Assignment Topic

Are there still substantial differences between Australia’s two major political parties (the ALP on the one hand; and the Liberal/National Coalition parties on the other) in their policies and in their bases of voting support?

The essay requires you to respond comprehensively to your chosen topic and outline a detailed point of view after considering discussion (different points of view) on a contemporary Australian political question.




What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:

Knowledge and understanding

Have you shown a capacity to outline a point of view after considering different opinions on an important current political question?

How adequate is the coverage of the main sources? Is the material well integrated?

Are the style, grammar and general use of English of an appropriate standard? How well have the subject and sources been understood?

How well do you persuade the reader through cogent argument and supporting evidence?

Acquisition of, and ability to work with, a systematic body of knowledge, based on the highest standards of scholarship and research;

ability to initiate and formulate viable and relevant research questions;

contribution to new knowledge, or an original interpretation and application of existing knowledge.





Identifying, gathering, retrieving and working with textual, graphic and numerical information. critical analysis, problem solving, and creative thinking;

identifying, gathering, evaluating and using information;

communicating effectively and appropriately in a range of contexts;

developing, planning and managing independent work

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