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TITLE: Corporate Strategy and Competition Law: WAL-Mart

CLASS / COURSE: Strategic Management


Course: Corporate Strategy and Competition Law

Final Assignment

Critically analyze and explain an optimal competitive strategy for a company or corporate group in a sector of your choice in the US. Your strategic analysis should include an assessment of whether there are any competition law or antitrust issues which will need to be addressed.

Company: Wal-Mart

First make a proposal of about 200 to 300 words which should include following things:

·       Introduction and Research Scope

·       Brief about Sector you are taking

·       Brief about Corporate Group / Company you are taking from the above sector

·       Research Methodology

·       Major headings and structure of research

·       Some references


Once this proposal is passed by the instructor then you start your research and make a research report as per the topic given above. The research report should have following main parts.

·       Title Page

·       Table of Content

·       Executive Summary

·       Introduction

·       Body

·       Discussion

·       Conclusion

Note: this is an idea for making report you can use your own format for this and give headings as you want but it should be professional.

Also note that this is a Corporate Strategy and Competition Law class not a general management or marketing class therefore make your research according to subject and below given reading material will help you in formulating your research.

Report has to be plagiarism free otherwise you will be expelled from the course.

Word limit:at least 4500 (excluding Title page, Executive Summary, table of Content and References page)

Format:Report should be in APA format with in text citations. There should be at least 22 references and all references have to be from authentic sources. (No Wikipedia type resources)

Due date:Proposal is due by 17th March, 2011 (10:00 AM, EST) and Final research report is due by 28th March, 2011 (10:00 AM, EST).

Grading Criteria: In relation to course work, the assessment criteria will consist of the following requirements, namely, that the student has demonstrated the ability to:

·       comprehend the problem and the instructions;

·       identify and marshal the relevant facts;

·       identify the absence of relevant facts and indicate the significance of such absence;

·       identify all relevant essential, and any novel, legal and non-legal issues;

·       conduct a thorough and planned library search;

·       locate relevant legal and business strategy sources;

·       record relevant principles and opinions with appropriate citations;

·       identify lacunae and contradictions in legal and business strategy opinion;

·       research, and record, practical and theoretical analyses and solutions;

·       propose an appropriate synthesis  and conclusion in respect of facts, issues, law and solutions;

·       reflect critically on the analyses, solutions, synthesis, and conclusions;

·       structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically;

·       communicate well in good English.


Marks:This assignment accounts for 100% marks of this course. If you did not do well in this and get failed in it then you will be expelled from this course.

Minimum Passing Marks:75%

Suggested Reading Material:


·       Robert Grant (6th edition 2008) Contemporary Strategy Analysis Blackwell Publishing

·       Robert Grant (6th edition 2008) Cases to Accompany Contemporary Strategy Analysis Blackwell Publishing

·       Van den Bergh, R.J. and Camesasca, P.D. (2nd edition 2006) European Competition Law and Economics: a Comparative PerspectiveThomson Sweet & Maxwell

·       Lemley, M.A. and Leslie, C. Antitrust(11th edition 2010) Gilbert Law Summaries

·       Graham, Cosmo, (2010) EU and UK Competition Law Longman

·       Elhauge, E. and Geradin, D. (2007) Global Competition Law and EconomicsHart Publishing 

·       Lowes, Pass and Sanderson (1994) Companies and Markets: Understanding Business Strategy and the Market Environment Blackwell Publishing

·       Nalebuff, BJ and Brandenburger, AM (1996) Co-opetition Harper Collins Business.

·       Porter, ME (2004) Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors Free Press

·       Porter, ME (2004) Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance Free Press

·       Jones and Sufrin, (4th edition 2011) Texts Cases and Materials on European Community Law Oxford University Press

·       Bishop, S and Walker, M (3rd edition 2010) The Economics of EC Competition Law: Concepts, Application and Measurement  Sweet and Maxwell

Other sources

  • European Court of Justice
  • US Department of Justice
  • European Commission

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