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TITLE: Critique of the current attempt by Kraft to acquire Cadbury

CLASS / COURSE: Mergers and Acquisition


To provide a critique of the current attempt by Kraft to acquire Cadbury. The critique should be no more than two pages typed. No analytical work (i.e. number crunching) is required.

Suggested discussion points for your critique:

1. Should Cadbury be acquired?
2. How is Kraft proposing to pay for the deal (mix of cash and stock). Why is this relevant from Cadbury shareholders? Why is this relevant from Kraft shareholders?
3. Should the fact that Cadbury is a British company and Kraft an American company matter? Does it matter? Explain.
4. Is this takeover attempt hostile or friendly?
5. What role is Hershey playing in this deal?
6. What role, if any, has the recent market crisis played in this deal (either in motivating the takeover, or in affecting the probability of deal completion)?
7. Are managers (of either company) looking out for their shareholders in their approach to this proposed takeover?

You are free to address all of these questions (might be hard in two pages), a subset of these questions, or other even other questions not suggested here. In writing the critique, assume that your reader (me) is already familiar with the details of the proposed deal. That is, do not waste valuable space discussing background information unless it is relevant to the point that you are trying to make.

There are countless articles available through the internet that discuss the ongoing details of the proposed deal. Read them to become familiar with the transaction, but do not plagiarize the material

Word Limit: 900 Words

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