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TITLE: Discussion Question

CLASS / COURSE: Marketing


You have recently obtained your MBA, and have been hired by a company other than the one you now work for in a “fast-track to management” program.  You are still a relatively junior person.  Your education has taught you the value of SWOTT, Marketing Audits, and other analysis techniques.  Your analysis shows that it is likely that a competitor will soon introduce a product that will hurt your market position.  You have a way to prevent this from happening. You present your case in a highly convincing manner.  The Senior Vice President for Marketing & Sales responds, “That’s all very interesting, but I talk to our key customers every day, and they absolutely love our product.  There is no reason at all to go to the expense of the changes you suggest.”   How would you respond?  Would your response be significantly different if you were in a more senior position in the company?

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: The SWOTT, Marketing Audit and other analysis provides marketers basis for formulating strategies which are required......

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