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Instructions: Answer each essay question

1. Put yourself on the continuum between postmodernism and modernism. Explain why you are located where you are. Use two PRINCIPLES of postmodernism. Explain how those principles relate to you, giving specific examples NOT shown in the reading (e.g., don’t use Brittany v. Christina; use other singers or bands).

2. Explain why Cultural Studies is a neo-Marxist theory. Today, however, both the Conservative Right and the Liberal Left might both embrace this theory. Explain why.

3. Which the PARADIGMATIC communication theories do you find MOST and LEAST salient to your own experiences? Explain why, naming one of the specific concepts for each theory.

4. If you were paid to do a semiotic analysis of something, what would be your object(s) and why? Explain what the sign, signifier, and signified of the object--and how its cultural importance is revealed by a second order of signification.

5.  Explain what you LIKE Communication Privacy Management theory naming one specific concept. Also identify one artifact or videoclip that you plan to use and explain how it relates to the theory.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Postmodernism is a culture which is followed by modernism. When modernism have some up gradations in their culture......

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