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TITLE: Ethics and Values in a Free Society: Final Assessment Paper



Complete a 1,500–2,000-word paper (about 6-7 pages) that covers the following:

In completing the final assessment, you will synthesize ethical theories and apply them to real-world scenarios. This project challenges you to select two types of theory and address them in detail before applying them to a hypothetical real-world situation. This application will consist of describing the strategies they would use to make ethical choices in those particular situations.

The paper includes two large sections. The first section of the paper (worth 30% of the grade) will focus on two types of ethical theory. First, outline the two types of theories (with headings and subheadings), giving a brief summary or overview of each, and then apply them to a concrete scenario (hypothetical or in the news - do not violate confidentiality with personal accounts). This presentation of the theories will include:

An overview of the theories, their historic backgrounds, and any notable practitioners. (The title of the theory might be one heading, with historic background and practitioners as two subheadings.)

The theories’ basic tenets

Withhold any opinion or analysis of the theories in the first section of the paper. In the second section of the paper (worth 60%), you can and should apply analysis as you focus on how that theory is applied to a hypothetical situation. Examine how your selected theories might apply to the hypothetical situation in two different countries (for example, the United States and China). Use authoritative citations/references to support your cultural differentiation.

Dr. Thomas-Spiegel's preference is that you choose a real-life situation from your field. For example, an ethical dilemma in psychology might be whether to report a fellow psychologist for an ethical violation. It would include a specific ethical hypothetical violation, how you would determine its validity, and what steps would be most appropriate to protect future clients, the therapist, and the community. If you choose this option, the actual ethical guidelines for a field will be part of your paper and references. OR you may choose one of these situations listed here.

A situation that mixes medical ethics and the abortion debate:

You are a doctor consulting with a patient who is in the early stages of pregnancy. You have just found out her fetus has severe health complications that would substantially affect its quality of life, even if the woman can carry it to term. Based on the two types of theory discussed earlier in your paper, what should you, as an ethical practitioner, advise your patient to do? Depending on the country you live in, how might that advice change?

For additional inspiration/ideas, refer to the case studies discussed in Weeks Four and Five.

A situation that mixes media ethics and the adultery debate:

You and your partner have decided to take a romantic weekend away. When you are checking in to your hotel, you notice another couple acting passionately in the lobby. You recognize one-half of the couple immediately: she’s the famous figurehead of a conservative TV channel who strongly supports family values. However, she’s embracing a man who is certainly not her husband. Based on the two types of theory discussed earlier in your paper, are you obligated to take any action based on this information? Depending on the country you live in, how might that obligation change?


Include a minimum of four authoritative sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections. They must be authoritative and primary sources with the exception of your text. No encyclopedias (Wikipedia, etc.) should be used since they are secondary sources. Personal experiences can be biased and must be supported with additional authoritative evidence


Also 10 -13 slides PowerPoint regarding this include references of cited sources at the end of the slides with speaker notes also.

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