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TITLE: Exam 1 of ECON 211: Gender in the Economy

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Colorado State University

CLASS / COURSE: ECON 211 Economics


Title: Exam 1
1. What are the conditions of a competitive market? 
2. What is the difference between sex and gender? What have anthropologists noted about gender in different cultures? 
3. What is the cult of true womanhood and how does it relate to our notion of the traditional family? 
4. What does Julie Nelson say about economics and what is her solution? 
5. According to Gary Becker and other neoclassical economists, does discrimination exist in a competitive market? Why or why not? 
6. What are the risks associated with being a housewife when the family is fully specialized? 
7. According to political economy, what are the 3 forms of oppression? Discuss which division in society each one is usually applied to. An example can help explain why each one is associated with each form of oppression. 
8. Specialization and exchange describes how there is an income advantage that comes from a family, but what are some other advantages to families that we discussed? Be sure to briefly describe them. 
9. Describe the transaction cost and bargaining theories and how they apply to the interaction within the traditional family. What are the key factors in determining how family decisions are made? 
10. Political economy is concerned with context, collective behavior, conflict, and change. Briefly describe these concepts and discuss if neoclassical economics does or does not addresses each of these subjects. 

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