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TITLE: Exam 2 of ECON 211: Gender in the Economy

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Colorado State University

CLASS / COURSE: ECON 211 Economics


Title: Exam 2
1. What is the glass ceiling and how might it change in the future? 
2. What does the Blau-Kahn study say about the gender wage gap? 
3. In "For Love or Money - Or Both?" by Nelson and Folbre, what are the possible advantages to moving care work out of the family and into the market? (you only need to list them) 
4. What do Folbre and Nelson say about the nature of money and how it can be used to motivate care workers? 
5. How does the substitution effect help explain the increase in women's labor force participation over the last several decades? 
6. Describe the role of costs incurred by a discriminating/prejudiced employer in Becker’s Taste for Discrimination model. How does this put the prejudiced employer at a disadvantage? 
7. What is organizational adaptation? What is an example of organizational adaptation? What does organizational adaptation imply about a firm's incentive to go against social norms? 
8. What is institutional discrimination and how is it different from the neoclassical forms of discrimination that we looked at before? What are some examples of institutional discrimination? 
9. How does the human capital model explain the gender wage gap? If traditional family roles are simply preferences, how does this model treat them? 
10. What is "statistical discrimination" and how might it result in a feedback effect? Use an example to guide your discussion, making sure to describe each part of the loop. 

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