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TITLE: Factors to Job Dissatisfactions & Handling the Employees Efficiently



Strategic Human Resource Management


Case Assignment 4:


Discussion Case: First Day on the Job 


Malik's first day as a new manager ended up more challenging than he expected. While having to adjust to a new workplace and new colleagues, he had an interesting management challenge thrown at him. Toward the end of the day, one of his employees came to him, looking frustrated and exhausted. Malik had heard that this employee was going to be one of his best, a high-potential employee who would be a great asset. On this day, the employee did not look to be an asset to anyone.


Without providing much history or detail, this employee explained to Malik that she is planning to quit her job. She is exhausted and frustrated, she explains, because the work seems to be at once too much and too little. She feels overworked, but at the same time, she does not feel any excitement about her work. She doesn't feel she is being challenged to learn skills that will help her to reach the ultimate goal of owning her own business.


Unfortunately, Malik has to leave for the day before you can get more information. What should he do? Answer these questions, and formulate a plan of action.


Write a 3-4 page paper in which you:


1. Discuss the factors causing the employee‘s dissatisfaction.

2. Identify which of these factors could be addressed with improvements in the way the organization handles development as described in the chapter.

3. Discuss what Malik should do tomorrow with regard to his employee.

4. Identify long-term changes Malik should suggest for this organization, if it appears that his employee is not the only one with these complaints?

5. Discuss the human resource policies and programs that would support development programs within the organization.


6. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. 

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: The company biggest asset and resource is the employees; the company shall focus on providing high quality working......

1. Human Resource
2. Strategic Business Management
3. Business Law/Corporate Law

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