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TITLE: Fair- Minded Qualities

CLASS / COURSE: Psychology

QUESTION DESCRIPTION: Fair- Minded Qualities : After reading each of the qualities needed to be a fair-minded thinker, pick one quality you feel you possess and describe how you fulfil this quality. Then choose two qualities that you need to improve upon and describe why you chose these two qualities. You will need to include a detailed plan (at least 500 words) for overcoming the obstacles that are preventing you from fulfilling the characteristics of the two qualities you have chosen. Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria 40 Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts 20 Clearly present well-reasoned ideas and concepts 30 Mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling that affects clarity, APA formatting. 10 Total 100

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Fair mind represents the perfect state of mind that is responsible for efficient work with specialized skills or......

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