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TITLE: Financial Health of Nike



    · Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in APA format evaluating the financial health of a

      company. Highlight the importance of industry comparisons and trends in your paper.

    · Conduct an industry comparison. Discuss in your paper how your company’s financial

      performance compares with others in its industry.

    · Cite all of your sources, and provide Web site URLs.

    · Post your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

    · Submit a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 3 to 5 slides that highlights the

      financial data of your company and illustrates the comparisons you wrote about in your paper.

To begin your research, you can refer to the work you completed in the Week One CheckPoint and the Ch. 1 PowerPoint®. As you conduct your research, consider the following factors as a guideline for determining the financial health of your company:
Financial data from the company’s annual report or 10-K report
•     Current and future financial performance of the company
•     Success of the company’s operations
•     Policies and strategies of management
•     Performance of the economy
•     How the company is doing in comparison with its competitors in the same industry
You can also refer to the information and examples in Ch. 6 to complete your evaluation: pp. 194-196 outline various sources you can use in addition to financial statements, pp. 195-196 focus specifically on library
resources for help with comparative research, and Figure 6.2 on p. 212 lists the steps of a financial statement analysis.
The following information must be included in your paper:
•     A summary of your company’s current financial performance
•     The importance of industry comparisons and trend analysis
•     An assessment of your company’s financial performance compared with others in its industry
Use APA formatting guidelines, and submit your paper as a Microsoft® Word attachment. Be sure to cite your sources and include Web site URLs where appropriate.
In addition to your paper, create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation consisting of 3 to 5 slides that highlights the financial data of your company and illustrates the comparisons you wrote about in your paper. The following is a suggested outline for the presentation:
1.     Slide One: Overview of your chosen company
2.     Slide Two: A summary of your company’s financial data
3.     Slide Three: The results of your industry comparison
4.     Slide Four: A summary of your evaluation of your company’s financial health
5.     Slide Five: Your recommendations for corrections needed or future trends for the next quarter or next year

If you choose to accept all work must be original & I have chosen a company & will give you the annual report then.

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