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TITLE: Fundamental and Technical Analysis with The Global Financial Crisis



Fundamental and Technical Analysis with The Global Financial Crisis

Some important instructions to be followed:

·       You don't have to write about Technical analysis.

·       Paper should be formatted in Harvard referencing Style. There should be proper intext citations. References should be in Alphabetical order.

·       There need to be at least 12 references used in this essay. Journal articles only can be quoted and used in the essay for references. In addition anything from a company (FA) or from any charting website as long as it is referenced. Any information from a national bank, for example IMF, OECD or any central bank could be used. Text books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, Moocs etc are not allowed in references.

·       Use I as first person when testing the fundamental Like, I have chosen this company (the same as in sample).

·       I need one company from Australian Stock Exchange like, Telstra, ANZ Bank, Quants to be used in this essay to analyse the question. The period is to be used from 2007-2012. You need to use company to analyse the essay question. It is very important.

·       When you put the chart analyse it, such as done in the sample.

·       It is not allowed to talk about crisis at all. It is okey to talk about Fundamental analysis a little bit, then the rest is testing whether the fundamental analysis work during that period. As we all know most likely it doesn't work during crisis. (Like the sample).

·       I have given grading critera sheet that the teacher will mark us on. Please follow it.

It need to be 1500 words minimum.


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