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TITLE: Health and Physical Education (Lesson Plan)

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTE: Wilmington University

CLASS / COURSE: Physical Education


The Structured External Assignment is assigned on Week #1 and is due the end of week #7.

Using the Delaware Content Standards for Health, or for Physical Education, with the integration of Fine Arts, create a WILMU lesson plan for the age/grade of students you select. The plan must be comprehensive and expressive, being sure to integrate such key elements as: healthy living and human movement or dance, or safety walks, or visual arts and design, or role playing, puppet shows, story lessons and/or storytelling. 

Lesson Title
Summarizing short stories
Lesson Purpose
To learn how to summarize a story 
The standards for this lesson
1. Address the needs of the audience 
2. Exhibit appropriate modes that include narration, definition, analysis and description
3. Use appropriate formats from letters, summaries and reports. 
What will my students be able to do when they finish this lesson or unit?
 Students will be able to summarize a story in a way that makes sense to others who have not read it yet. They will be able to chronologically recall the information from the story. They will be able to effectively describe what happens in the story.
What assessment tools will I use?
Class room discussions will be used to check the students understanding of topics. Handouts will be given to assess the level of understanding that will be checked to see the progress. Question and answer session will take place for anything that I may have not caught that the students were not able to understand.
Who will assess student performance and how will this be done?
I will assess the student performance by class discussion, handouts and question and answer session. I will assess any confusion in the subject matter and re-teach in a different format until they can grasp the concept of chronologically organizing a summary of a book. 
How will I report the assessment results?
Any concepts the students do not understand, will be re-taught to them. No paper will be graded just noted that they tried. Only the final paper will be graded and I will have a one on one with any student that had difficulties. Assignment is not done till the end of the unit. 
How will the lesson be introduced?
I will start by asking students how they do different things and coach them into telling me in chronological order. I will ask Terrance what he does to get ready in the morning to go to school and question anything that could be out of order. I will ask Jack what he does to get ready to go fishing, checking for orderliness. Also writing the responses on the board, numbering each one of them, first, second, third and so on. Then I will have Sherry tell me her own version of Terrance's story bases on what Terrance has given us. We, as a class, will figure out what we have left out that we might need to add to make the story make sense. Then, I will have a random student do the same thing for Jack's story. Marie will be asked to help distribute handouts. Throughout the unit, to keep the attention and understanding of students, we will summarize what we have read the night before on Charlotte's Web. 
What procedures will I follow?
We will then lead into books and summarizes some of our favorite books that we have read. Random students can tell us a summary of a book they have read and we can ask question to help fill in the holes of the story that we have left out. On a piece of paper I will jot down things are being missed so that I can address them. Getting a feel for what they do and do not know. 
What activities will my students complete?
A handout will be given. It will tell a short story that we will read out loud and answer the questions as a class. I will think out loud for reasons why the answer I have chooses is the correct answer and why the others are not. Then, they will complete one on their own. We will also put together stories with pictures and short sentences that tell about the picture. We will have students, as groups, tell why they put their story together in that order, and have question and answer sessions for those groups individually. 
How will you summarize the lesson?
I will ask the students why it matters to have stories summarized in chronological order, and what happens when we leave out important facts. I will ask them what strategies they can use to check their stories to make sure the make sense. 
What instructional materials will I use for this lesson?
Handouts, glue, scissors, and construction paper. 

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