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TITLE: Human Resource case study analysis





Four months ago, you started working at a mobile telephone retail store.  Last Friday, you and 5 other colleagues went for dinner after work. During dinner, the discussion came around to the topic of the interview process.  Everyone took turns telling stories about their interviews when applying for the current job.  Surprisingly, one of your colleagues admitted that he had falsely claimed to have an undergraduate degree on his curriculum vitae when applying for this job.  He had started his degree study, but stopped after the first year and had been working at 2 other jobs since leaving university.  Everyone else at the dinner just laughed and commented that an undergraduate degree wasn't necessary for the job anyways.


1). Would you ignore that your colleague had used false information on his curriculum vitae or would you take action?

2). Indicate your decision and action. Explain the factors that affected your analysis and decision process.


Analyze each study scenario for ethical, financial or management issues. Write a response for case study to support and explain a specific behavior or action.

Written response should inform the reader in a way that is easy to understand and reflects your own personal style. The emphasis is on quality of reflection and analysis – not quantity of words because it only 500 words

But, it needed to provide a compelling and creative position or course of action. Also, it should Contain thoughtful personal reflection, convincing analysis, and highly relevant sources and

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