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TITLE: Islamic Banking Strategies, functions and Tactics

CLASS / COURSE: Islamic Banking


• 4 pages, double space, about formulating a strategy for a US bank ( not a specific bank) that want to use and implement Islamic banking, and offer Islamic banking services to its clients and how to success in that and how to make it profitable.

• The strategy contains 4 functions, 4 goals and 4 tactics

• Each page should include a function, a goal and a tactic.

• Examples for function: marketing, IT,……

• Goals should be numerical

• Example for goals: get /increase…. by (3%) +/- 0.5% by Feb 2015 +/- 2 months.

• Goals should be reasonable. Example: why 3%, Why +/- 0.5% and why Feb 2015?

• Tactics should include details about how to accomplish goals.

• Attached is a model for a company called Lean Cuisine that wants to formulate a differentiation strategy including functions, goals and tactics.

• US writing: please make sure that you run US English in Word by languages- tools.

• Due date: 8/10

• If you accept to do it, can you please replay with your offer

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: The US bank is implementing an Islamic banking and offering Islamic banking services to its clients. The Islamic......

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2. Financial Management

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