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TITLE: Large firms or small firms?

CLASS / COURSE: Economics


Essay on the topic "Which firms are more important to a society and its economy: large firms or small firms?"

Word Limit: 1400 words


See Lecture notes Section 1, Section 2 part 4, Section 3 part 2 and Section 4 part 1.

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This question is about the contribution firms make to both a society and its economy. I leave you to decide which economy and society you want to focus on. Don’t forget to define what you mean by ‘firms’ and ‘society’ here, although don’t get too bogged down in precise definitions. There are a lot of overlaps between what ‘the economy’ is supposed to be and what ‘society’ is simply because both involve human beings interacting with each other to do things! The issue is: do big firms offer more/less than small firms to society and to the economy? There are many positions you can take on this: one could be that big firms benefit the economy and harm society, while small firms benefit both economy and society. Another view is that big firms benefit society because they benefit the economy, while small firms don’t do much for the economy because they are ‘too much’ part of the community. Another view is that small firms depend on big firms, so big firms benefit (or harm) both economy and society. Your job is to explore the different

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