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TITLE: Learning Module 9 Discussion 1: WhyWeHateHR


Assignment 1:

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LM 9 Discussion 1 WhyWeHateHR

In a published teaching guide on Hammonds’Fast Company article “Why We Hate HR,”Professor Berkley from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute comments:

“Another criticism of Hammonds’is that HR departments play bad cop and sacrifice individuality for compliance and standardization to minimize organizational liability. From reading Hammonds’discussion of this, one would assume that HR made that decision on its own, absent the expressed opinions of senior management and the attorneys who are retained to protect the organization’s interests. In reality, HR departments may simply be the messenger, but the directive, no doubt, comes directly from senior management, advised by corporate and employment law attorneys. Hammonds seems to be advocating blame of the messenger and not the source of the message or the message itself. HR professionals focus on compliance and uniformity because they are likely told to do so to protect the financial bottom line, not because they believe uniformity, in and of itself, is an appropriate way to manage the richness and diversity inherent in a workforce.”

So, in your opinion, what can HR do to inform the missing link? That is, somehow Hammonds is not looking at the big picture, so what could be done in a company to force him to see the big picture? Think of specific content in this course that you encountered. Use your own experiences to inform your answer if you can.


Link to the article:  http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/97/open_hr.html

(4000 word article to read)

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: Human Resource is a function which is essential in every organization, but also one which is most criticised. 

1. Human Resource

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