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TITLE: Learning Module 9 Discussion 2:


Learning Module 9 [LM9] Discussion 2
From any Episode, any Season, The Office
For this discussion, you should download, purchase, rent, or buy an episode
of The Office that allows commentary on the following question:
Given the arguments presented in the article “Why We Hate HR,” pick an
episode of The Office that applies, and argue whether the view of HR in that
episode supports or contradicts the thesis presented in that Fast Company
Article. You can use any episode you wish, just list the Season and Episode at
the top of your discussion, give a little overview of the episode, then articulate
your position.
If you are not an “Office Fan” and do not have an episode to use, you can
utilize any of the following to form your answer [or any other you choose]:
* “Healthcare” Episode in Season 1
* “Negotiation” Episode in Season 3
* “Secretary’s Day” Episode in Season 6
* “Counseling” Episode in Season 7
* “Casino Night” Episode in Season 2
* “The Deposition” Episode in Season 4
How to Submit Your Work
Find the Discussion tab and click on it. Next, find the “LM 9” category and
click on it. See “Discussion 2” and click on it. Your task is to respond to the
discussion when you “arrive” and answer the questions in the scenario above.
Grading Rubric
Your post will be scored based on the “6 point” grading rubric.

SOLUTION DESCRIPTION: The manager is shown as a work avoiding, inefficient person who lacks any knowledge about the job. The 

1. Human Resource

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