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TITLE: Management Accounting Paper

CLASS / COURSE: Managerial Accounting



Somewhere in the world you know somebody who works in business organization of some kind it may even be you . you assignment is to contact this person by whatever and find out something about the management accounting system operated by their organization >

Reassure them that you are not involved in industrial espionage – you don’t want names or numbers ….all what you want is to study their system as a real life  complement for your MBA studies of the theory of management accounting

You may choose any aspect of management accounting you feel is appropriate:

Budget –cost analysis –cost allocation – standard costing –activity based costing or even a analysis of their complete lack of a system and your recommendations

You report should be not less than 5 or not more  than 20 pages

Don’t copy from books or internet use your own words 


The paper is based on topic "Uses of Activity Based Costing In Starbucks Corporation"

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