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TITLE: Marketing is a set of management activities

CLASS / COURSE: Marketing




Piercy (2009) contends that marketing is a set of management activities that define value, create value and deliver value for customers. Explore and critically evaluate this contention.

Make recommendations to management from the conclusions arising from that evaluation.

You are required to produce an academic paper which demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of the Principles of Marketing.

The paper should have a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate within an appropriate academic literature. A minimum of 4 academic journal articles should be referred to. 

The paper also needs to be grounded in a 'real world' business context, making recommendations for management. To do this, you may select an organisation with which you are familiar, or produce generic recommendations for practicing managers.

 Presentation and Marking Scheme

  1. It should be of 2,000-2,200words, excluding appendices. The word count for the assignment should appear on the front page.
  1. This assignment should reflect a balance between:
    1. theoretical understanding, evidenced by research from a range of academic journal sources – minimum 4.
    2. practical application of theory, evidenced by management recommendations to illustrate your discussion and evaluation.
  1. Assessment Criteria

Marks will be allocated as follows:

·       Structure and Presentation (15%): Correct use of referencing, bibliography. Structure and quality of written expression

·       Use of Appropriate Literature (30%):Evidence of research within the academic literature. Reference to 4 academic papers is a minimum requirement.

·       Use of appropriate examples (25%):Evidence of ability to apply key concepts within a practical context. Use of examples in support of the debate.

·       Level of critical analysis(30%): Evidence of engagement with the academic literature. Flow and coherence of the theoretical argument, culminating in logical conclusions.

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