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TITLE: MT 438 Final Project



Your Final Project is due in Unit 9. This project is essentially to compile and synthesize seven individual weekly projects that utilize the OTIS portfolio platform. The weekly projects each deal with different instruments of the investing marketplace. In Unit 9, however, you will submit a comprehensive analysis of the data from each of these individual projects and synthesize the processes and results into an educational portfolio that reflects all of your learning in this course.

Please note that the emphasis on the project is totally on what you learned rather than how well you did. It is perfectly permissible to "lose" money in your OTIS portfolio of investments. (This is one of the benefits of using pretend money.) Although you will not be graded on your performance, be aware that everyone in this class will be able to see each other's portfolios. As part of your final, you will be asked to assess why some portfolios did better than others and why some portfolios did worse. Your assessment in the project will be based on how well you demonstrate your mastery of the course material in critically evaluating the investment decision process. You will be expected to synthesize the material that has been presented in the course and to use your knowledge as a foundation for developing your own personal investing strategies and philosophy.

Assignment Checklist:

  1. Analyze the measurement of risk in multiple environments
  2. Compute and discuss standard deviations and betas
  3. Discuss the importance of diversification in portfolio theory
  4. Explain the role the Capital Asset Pricing Model has in investments
  5. Demonstrate Asset Allocation procedures
  6. Compute and contrast portfolio performance

The Final Project is due at the end of Unit 9. 

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