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TITLE: MySQL Project

CLASS / COURSE: Database


Choose a database application that you are familiar with and design a simple database. For full credit, you must provide the following sections in your report:
1. Describe the database application. 

2. Design the relational database for your application.

     i) Construct Entity-Relationship diagram for the application and specify key

         attributes for each entity type and structural constrainson each relationship type.

      ii) Map the ER-Diagram into the relational database schema. (Note: The database

          must have at least 6 tables.)

      iii) Specify a list of queries that are needed by your database application. (Note:

            You have to specify at least 10 queries. The queries can’t be all simple queries.

            Also, try to include aggregate functions in your queries.)

3. Implement your database by using MySQL.

·       Download and install the open source DBMS MySQL  to your computer.

·       Declare your relations, using the SQL DDL.

·       Create your database, using update statements (insert, delete, update).

·       Write the queries that are specified in 2 in SQL.

4. Give the query results.

(Note: I encourage you to use MySQL. If you don’t want to use it, you may use MS access.)

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