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TITLE: OLS375: Quiz 13


CLASS / COURSE: Training Methods


OLS375: Training Methods: Quiz 13

Title: Chapter 13 Quiz
1.   Digital collaboration refers to an interaction between two or more people mediated by a computer. 
2.   Benchmarking 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Is the process of "sidelining" training programs that aren't serving the company well.  
 B. Is the practice of finding examples of excellent products, services, or systems.
C. Doesn't work well for training.  
D. Is limited in that it focuses on past accomplishments that may be outdated.  
3.   Outsourcing refers to using external suppliers for training services. 
4.   New technologies 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Will be used less for training purposes in the future.  
 B. Can significantly reduce costs related to training.
C. Are popular, yet they do not incorporate practice or feedback opportunities.  
D. All of the above.  
5.   Reengineering applies only to the administration of training, not to program development. 
6.   Change management is the process of outsourcing and benchmarking. 
7.   Reengineering 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Is a complete review of critical processes and a redesign of those processes to make them more efficient and able to deliver higher quality.
B. Refers to retraining engineers and technicians to update their skills.  
C. Focuses on products rather than processes.  
D. Is not really training's concern.  
8.   Outsourcing 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Involves selling training products to other companies.  
B. Refers to comparing a company's own training practices with the practices of training departments in other companies.  
C. Is on the decline.  
 D. Is reliance on external suppliers to provide training services.
9.   Work conducted in remote locations distant from the central office is called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Telecommunicating.    
B. Virtual training.  
C. Learning Management Systems.  
D. Online Working.  
10.   In the future, training departments 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Will become obsolete.  
B. Will begin to use less new technology for delivering training.  
 C. Will be involved with managing knowledge and coordinating organizational learning.
D. Will no longer do needs assessment.  
11.   In the future, 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Training departments will work more with external partners.
B. Training departments will decrease their partnerships with academic institutions.  
C. Training departments will rely less on outsourcing.  
D. Training departments will be much larger internally.  
12.   Data-entity relationship diagrams are used in the reengineering process to illustrate the relationship between functions within the company and how well they share data. 
13.   Benchmarking requires both internal information about processes and external information from comparison companies that exemplify excellence in those processes. 
14.   Human capital development integrates training with the human resource function. 
15.   The process of ensuring that new interventions such as training practices are accepted and used by employees and managers is called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Process engineering.  
B. Process consultation.  
 C. Change management.
D. Reengineering.  
16.   The process of change is based on the interaction among four components of the organization: task, employees, formal organizational arrangements, and informal organization. 
17.   Identifying performance gaps or deficiencies and examining training as one possible solution is called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Process consultation.  
 B. Performance analysis approach.
C. Reengineering.  
D. Organizational development.  
18.   A company that rents out access to software for specific applications is called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. application service provider 
B. internet service provider  
C. application process engineering  
D. outsource service provider  
19.   The reengineering process involves all of these steps except:
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. identifying the process to be reengineered.  
B. understanding the process  
C. redesigning the process.  
 D. training individuals on the process 
20.   Simulations of real-world issues that are presented to data end users are called 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. data-flow diagrams  
 B. scenario analysis 
C. data-entity diagrams  
D. outsourcing  
  What are the four change-related problems that need to be considered when new training practices are implemented? 
Describe a change you recently experienced and explain how the organization addressed ONE of the change related problems.

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