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TITLE: OLS375: Quiz 3


CLASS / COURSE: Training Methods


OLS375: Training Methods: Quiz 3

Title: Chapter 3 Quiz
1. SMEs
  Subject matter experts are trainees that can pass out of the training program. 
2. Focus Groups
  Focus groups are a type of SME interview that involves a face-to-face meeting with groups of employees in which the questions that are asked relate to specific training needs. 
3. Performance Deficiency
  When an employee exhibits a performance deficiency, 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Training is, without exception, the solution.  
B. The company needs new equipment.  
C. Poor management would not be considered as a cause.  
 D. The cause may be internal factors other than a lack of the right KSAs.
4. Needs Assessment
  A needs assessment should be optional when designing a training program. 
5. Self-efficacy
  Self-efficacy is the employee's belief that he/she can successfully master the training content or perform a task. 
6. Readiness
  Employees' "readiness" for learning refers to all the following except 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Whether they have reached the appropriate hierarchical level in the company.    
B. Whether they have the necessary knowledge and skills to learn.  
C. Whether the work environment will enhance learning.  
D. Whether they are motivated to learn.  
7. Person level needs analysis
  A Person level needs analysis 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Involves determining which jobs to eliminate when a company is downsizing.  
B. Focuses on the company's mission and business strategy.  
C. Should always be conducted after organizational and task analyses.  
 D. Focuses on identifying who needs training and whether employees are ready for training.    
8. External Consultants
  When utilizing external consultants in the training process, it is important to 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Choose small consultants, because they are cheaper.  
B. Seek consultants with little experience, because then they have no preconceived notions about how the training process should be conducted.  
C. Consultants based on popularity.  
 D. Ask potential consultants about their experience and for evidence of success.    
9. KSAs
  "KSA" stands for 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Knowledge, strengths, and attributes.  
B. Knowing, survival, and affects.  
 C. Knowledge, skills, and abilities.
D. Knowing, sharing, and attempting.  
10. Norms
  Norms are acceptable standards of behavior for work group members. 
11. Cognitive ability
  Cognitive ability includes three dimensions: verbal comprehension, qualitative ability, and innumeracy. 
12. Questionnaires
  Questionnaires used for needs assessment 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Allow for the collection of a large amount of information.    
B. Are one of the most costly techniques for collecting data.  
C. Are a highly objective source of information.  
D. Have the main disadvantage of providing information that is often outdated.  
13. Task Analysis
  Task level analysis 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Should always be conducted before an organization analysis.  
B. Looks at who needs training and whether there is readiness for training.  
 C. Involves identifying tasks and knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to perform those tasks.
D. Looks at how training fits with the business strategy of the company.  
14. Competency
  A competency refers to areas of personal capability that enable employees to successfully perform their jobs by achieving outcomes or accomplishing tasks. 
15. Performance Deficiency 2
  Performance deficiencies may be a function of knowledge or skill needs, motivational problems, and/or poor work design. 
16. Interviewing
  Interviewing as a needs assessment technique 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. needs a skilled observer environment  
 B. allows for exploration of unanticipated issues that come up.     
C. only provides information directly related to the questions asked.  
D. minimizes the interruption of work.  
17. Methods for Gathering Info about Tasks
  Describe three methods that might be used to gather information about the tasks involved in the job of a supermarket cashier and the knowledge, skills, abilities and working conditions that are required to perform those tasks. What would be the strengths and weaknesses of each method? 

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