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TITLE: OLS375: Quiz 4


CLASS / COURSE: Training Methods


OLS375: Training Methods: Quiz 4

Title: Chapter 4 Quiz
1. Kolb's Learning Styles
  Kolb's learning styles types include: divergers, assimilators, convergers, and accommodators. 
2. Massed Practice Conditions
  Massed practice conditions are those in which individuals practice a task continuously without rest. 
3. Communities of Practice
  Communities of practice refer to groups of employees who work together, learn from each other, and develop a common understanding of how to get work accomplished. 
4. Retrieval
  Retrieval refers to the feedback that the learner receives as a result of using learner content. 
5. Feedback
  Feedback is information about how well people are meeting the training objectives. 
6. Value Placed on Outcomes
  The value that a person places on an outcome is called a(n) 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Valence.    
B. Validity.  
C. Instrumentality.  
D. Need.  
7. Objectives
  The objective refers to the purpose and expected outcome of the training program. 
8. Learning
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Can be directly measured and observed.  
B. Theories have been proven only with motor skills.  
C. Occurs only when a learner participates actively in developing the training program.  
 D. Is defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior that is not a result of growth processes.    
9. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  Maslow's hierarchy of needs suggests that which of the following is currently the strongest motivator of human behavior? 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. The unsatisfied need at the lowest level of the hierarchy.
B. The need that has been satisfied.  
C. The need at the peak of the hierarchy.  
D. Needs that are not motivating.  
10. Information Processing Theory
  Information processing theory 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Focuses more on internal processes than other learning theories.
B. Highlights how external events influence learning.  
C. Is limited in that it does not incorporate feedback.  
D. Ignores mental processes of learning.  
11. Generalizing
  Generalizing involves identifying learned material in long-term memory and using it to influence performance. 
12. Adult Learning Theory
  Adult learning theory as developed by Malcolm Knowles is known as 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Pedagogy.  
B. Expectancy.  
C. Semantic encoding.  
 D. Andragogy.    
13. Reinforcement Theory
  Reinforcement theory suggests 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
 A. Positive reinforcement is a pleasant outcome resulting from a behavior.
B. Positive reinforcement is not reinforcing.  
C. Negative reinforcement is an unpleasant outcome following a behavior.  
D. Punishment is reinforcing.  
14. Advanced Organizer
  An advanced organizer is used to help trainees organize information that will be presented and practiced. 
15. Self-Efficacy 2
  One of the best ways to establish and increase individuals' self-efficacy is to: 
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. Provide them with an impossible task early in training.  
B. Inform them of just how far below average they are.  
C. Inform them that, in general, they are a worthy individual.  
D. Provide them with a training program that allows them to succeed early in the training.    
16. Characteristics
  Being optimistic, willing to work and learn, and technology-literate are characteristics of
  Student Response Value Correct Answer Feedback
A. traditionalists  
B. millenniums and nexters    
C. Gen Xers  
D. Baby boomers  
17. Overlearning
  Overlearning means covering something in the training program that need not be covered. 
18. Generational Categories
  Describe the four major generational categories discussed in the text. 
Assume you are a supervisor and you have staff members that represent each generation. Indicate how you would best structure training for each generation. 

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